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The future of advertising is organic.

We run weekly, paid video contests to support our brand partners — with creative strategy, quality control, virality and analytics all built in.

Gen Z

  • 85%

    learn about new products from social media.

  • 67%

    prefer seeing "real people" in ads.

  • 51%

    use ad-blocking software.


  • 57%

    make unplanned purchases because of social media.

  • 40%

    relate to online influencers more than friends in real life.

  • 33%

    of millennials use ad-blocking software.

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How it works

Wit runs contests that inspire video creators and fans, helping your brand reach millions of millennial and Gen Z consumers at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Kick-off

    We create a custom contest brief in line with your brand value.

  2. Creation

    A hand-picked group of creators make up to 20 contest videos per week.

  3. Contest

    Don’t lift a finger. We’ll handle it all, from promotion to payout.

  4. Results

    The Wit ecosystem has built-in virality, so engagement is a given.

  5. Analytics

    We’ll share the results so you can see which videos performed best.

What is built-in virality?

You can’t make a video go viral, so we created a viral platform to make videos. Wit is a 360° engagement ecosystem with virality built-in from day one. Our talented and diverse community of content creators is incentivized to craft high-performing video content based on your brand brief. Their followers earn for voting and promoting. Your brand is pushed out through an organic network of millions of potential customers and you achieve sky high ROI.

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